Sherlin panics as her cell phone was lost. She turns to watch Preeta, she shares with Kareena that Preeta was around her. They turn to Preeta with an angry scare. Karan wonders what he must do to save Preeta. He crashes into Preeta and snatches away the phone. Sherlin tells Karan that Preeta stole her phone. Preeta shows her hand and it is only her own phone in her hand. Karan then replaces the phone on the sofa and tells Sherlin he found it there. Sherlin still insists that Preeta is capable of stealing. Preeta says she was nervous because they kept investigating her likeRead More →


Purab calls his agent and asks him about the plane tickets as he urgently wants to get back to Mumbai. The agent tells Purab that all the tickets are booked. Purab tells the agent that there is an emergency in his house. Purab gets a call from Disha telling him that Pragya left the house and nobody stopped her from leaving the house. Purab asks Disha to calm down. He assures her that he will be back soon. While walking on the road, Pragya thinks of where she will go now and whom to ask for help. Someone gives her tea. Pragya sees a girlRead More →

Ganga closes her eyes as he comes to stand before her. He looks at her. He asks Ganga why was her eyes closed? He tells her to open her eyes. She turns her face away and Sagar gets angry. He tells her that he is leaving if she doesn’t want to see his face. Sagar says he has to go to Delhi tomorrow so he will see her later. He begins to walk away. She asks Sagar what he meant to say. She yells at him that he just came today and will go tomorrow? Sagar sits down on the stairs happily. He says thisRead More →